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Master Thesis:

Coupled IsoAdvector method with level set method in OpenFOAM for the study of bubble condensation

MULES is the algebraic method used for the interface capture in OpenFOAM. Since it is algebraic method, the calculation speed is fast. But the disadvantages of this method is the smearing of the interface. So it may cause some problems, such as parasitic currents. Recently, a new method called isoAdvect is implemented in OpenFOAM, which is a geometric VOF method. It is more accurate in capturing the interface.
So here I need a master student to do the following task

1) Test this new method in gas-fluid two phase flow;

2) Couple level set method with this new solver;

3) Validate the new solver;

4) Implement mass transfer and heat transfer model in this solver if everything goes well.


1) C++

2) OpenFOAM knowledge

3) Computational fluid dynamics

4) Heat transfer


If the above task is going well, we can publish paper together.

If you are interested, please contact me.


Yuanwei Cao

Technische Universität München

Fakultät für Maschinenwesen Lehrstuhl für Nukleartechnik

Boltzmannstraße 15

85748 Garching

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